Mark Kelliher

Mark started his career in the information technology sector in 1995 joining the system integration team at a small consultancy company. Within two years of this Mark founded Springmark Consultants Ltd and became an independent consultant, working with large multinational organisations.

Moving to Houston, Texas for two years in 1999, Mark consulted on the global architecture project for an organisation he had previously completed a number of large projects with. This design then went onto consolidate the organisations information technology systems, with cost of ownership reduction across the organisation and aligned computing standards.

On returning to the United Kingdom Mark undertook the realisation of the project in the EMEA region. Having both the architectural experience and large scale deployment experience Mark's ability to see such complex consolidation projects from conception to complete realisation became quite unique. This strengthen Springmark Consultants in the market place and earned Mark a place for two consecutive years in the “Who's who of Britains young business elite”

It was with this concept in mind Mark developed IT Solution in a Box which is a product he describes as “large organisation cost of ownership reductions and resilience for small and medium size business”. Further information can be found at

Mark has lead Springmark Consultants to be instrumental in an ever growing number of national and multi-national technology consolidation projects, in businesses ranging from heath care to banking which has taken him all over the world.